A Fresh Look At Mountain Decor



Bohemian Mountain Bedecor

As a Wyoming based company, we at Teton Timberline Trading understand the charm of rustic mountain decor. While we love the classic decorating pieces we also embrace fresh ideas by infusing bohemian and modern eclectic trends. The key is finding items that embrace characteristics of these styles and combining them with more traditional pieces in a neutral, natural color palette. The three important features to keep in mind are Color, Material, and Texture (or Pattern)!

RusticRustic Clock

Rustic or traditional mountain decor is often rich and dark in color while highlighting raw natural materials such as wood or stone. These vintage inspired items provide a feeling of warmth and coziness for the room.


Modern and BohemianModern Lamp

Light colors emphasize a modern clean feel and unusual textures or unique patterns provide a bit of bohemian inspiration that blends well in cottages or cabins. Combining these decor items with more rustic accents creates a room full of a complex, yet beautiful fusion.