Halloween Parties 101


Tips for an  Eerie and Elegant  Halloween Party:
  • Send out Invitations Early – Even parents need to get a babysitter sometimes!
  • Make sure you tell your guests what to expect: Theme, Costumes, B.YO.B., When, Where, etc.
  • You don’t have to break the bank to scare up some fun, bolster up the spook factor with a few special items and inexpensively administer some clever, yet effective easy details to make your holiday scream spine-chilling.  Here are some ideas:
    • Use bare branches and dried leaves in with  your décor to create that eerie  feeling (keep away from live flames though!).
    • Buy one special large piece…skeleton, witch, or   whatever you like and use in unique locations to frighten the nightly crowd or party goers (like the shower or behind the front door).
    • Have some old books from the second-hand store stacked alongside your themed décor in a matching motif or similar creepy colors
    • Turn out the lights and use only lighted LED’s or Candles for the evening.  Stick to one dynamic set and the others standard white or colors you know you will use for  other occasions.
  • Fiendish Frocks make the monster, so wearing a costume is a large part of what sets your Halloween party off. Make sure you give sufficient direction to what you wish your guests to wear.  Are they free to wear what they want with a prize at the party for scariest, goriest, and or most original?  Provide a theme like a myster party so you give guests a choice as coming as their favorite mystery character or writer.
  • Don’t let your guests freak out from hunger! Do you want a potluck or themed food?  Make it easy with some easy to prepare options like finger food or pizza.  By all means set  your food up in different areas to encourage mingling.  We don’t want any wallflowers to feel left out at  your ghoulish gathering.
  • One final suggestions at all costs have fun!

Items featured here:
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