Jackson One Fly Contest Sept 10-11


September 10-11
Jackson Hole One Fly Contest for fishing fanatics!
The One Fly was created to generate, manage and grant funding for projects which environmentally benefit the future of trout and fly fishing by annually sponsoring a three-day event uniting enthusiastic fly fishers from around the world with premier regional guides who all endeavor to celebrate the joy and spirit of the sport during the fishing, social and fundraising activities of the event, and who, throughout the year, promote that same joy and spirit of fly fishing and the future of the trout.
The Jackson Hole One Fly Foundation organizes, manages and administers the One Fly Event every September in Jackson Hole, Wy. The JHOFF uses monies raised to fund educational, conservation, preservation and rehabilitation projects for the benefit of trout populations primarily in the Snake River Basin. Founded in 1986, the JHOFF is committed to responsible environmental activities in concert with other interested not-for-profit, State and Federal agencies to benefit fly fishing, trout populations and trout habitat primarily in the Snake River Basin.

Jackson Hole One Fly Fishing Contest.