Ashmont Clock Fabric Pillow Cover


You can tell it is bedtime with the Ashmont Clock Fabric Pillow Cover.  This soft pillow cover makes a modern statement and is on current trend.  Add as an accent pillow to your favorite chair or sofa, or as a top of the bed pillow for a modern touch.

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The Ashmont Clock Fabric Pillow Cover says that time is of the essence in a by-gone era as well as today!  Bringing a striped creme and blue background and featuring a distressed styled penciled pocket watch over top this pillow truly says “Watch” me.  Each pillow cover has a 3″ overlap in back and 2  buttons to conceal a pillow insert, not included. Pillow filler sold separately (photographed filled).  Lasting Impressions Collection, VHC Brand.

Shipping Weight: .97 lbs.

Pillow Cover Size:   16″ x 16″

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Weight .62 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 9 × 1 in


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