Glowing Halloween Garden Stakes


Eerily Haunt your Outdoor Space this Halloween with ourGlowing Halloween Garden Stakes.  They even Glow in the Dark for a more illuminatingly spooky effect.  Cute has got nothin on them! This is a fun little outdoor Halloween ornament for the kids to put up!  The Witch, Ghost, and Mummy all stand over a foot and a half tall and have sturdy metal stakes to withstand the Halloween Candy Haul.  Gather all three and haunt your outdoors with our Glowing Halloween Garden Stakes, and don’t forget the candy!

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The Glowing Halloween Garden Stakes eerily reach out to you to get  your Halloween outdoor decor up-to-date!  These Halloween Garden Stakes Glow in the Dark and are more than a foot and half tall-a great height for spooking!  Kiddo’s love em!  Collect all three to round out the scariness of your Halloween Garden!  Made of Painted Metal.


  • (1) Glow Mummy Garden Stake,  4″x 3.25″x 18″or
  • (1) Glow Witch Garden Stake, 5.75″x 5.00″x 18.75″ or
  • (1) Glow Ghost Garden Stake, 7.25″x 3.75″x 17.5″