Gone Batty Coaster Set


Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat.  How I wonder where you’re at.  Above the world you fly.  Like a Tea Tray in the Sky.  This Gone Batty Coaster Set sure does fly a big declaration into your Halloween Decor.  Set of 4 coasters included.  Ideal for setting those scary holiday potions on, it also can make a wow in the skies of your home.   Hang a little black thread from one of the whip stitch loops on the top and you’ve got instant decorative flying vampire bats!  Okay maybe we have gone a little batty!


  • (4) Gone Batty Coasters


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Don’t have any bats in your belfry for Halloween, well the Gone Batty Coaster Set can help! In this set of 4 hand embroidered, machine stitched coasters a scary black bat silhouette sits atop a ghostly white felt back.  Each coaster is trimmed to spooky detail with a black whip stitch around the edge.  Hang a few of these around for a dreadful delight in your haunted home.  Collect yours before they fly away til next year.

Idea:  Collect a couple sets and decoupage them around a black pumpkin for a “this pumpkin’s gone batty” theme.

  • Black Bat Silhouette
  • White Background with whip stitch outline
  • multi-purpose


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Weight .05 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × .25 in

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