Green Strata Pillar Candle Assortment


Capture the aroma of a sweet summer garden with this versatile Green Strata Pillar Candle.  It can take you from Spring to Fall without a hitch!  It is a multi-green and white striped paraffin wax pillar candle in two convenient sizes.  The Lemongrass and Verbena scents are out of this world!  Add it to some Easter Grass and you have a “naturally green” Easter table top!  Make this Green Strata Pillar Candle the keynote to your outdoor dining this year!

Choose from the following:

  •  (1) Large Green Strata Pillar: 6″ h x 3″ diameter,
  •  (1) Small Green Strata Pillar: 4″h x 3″ diameter

Lemongrass Verbena Scent.

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The Garden aroma is heavenly in this Green Strata Pillar Candle Assortment.   Scented with lemongrass and verbena the candles take you away into a summer garden of lush flowers. In addition, two sizes of pillars added together complete a natural display with any of our table sets and they will surely shine out in a crowd on your summer tabletops.   Pillars have layers of varied green in hues of Olive, Grass, and leaf greens in horizontal stripes going up and down the pillar candles.   Size is compatible with most of our lanterns.  Burn Time:  72 hours.


  • Lemongrass Verbena Scent.
  • Varied Green and Olive Stripes
  • Extended Burn Time:  72 hours

Each sold separately.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 6 in


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