Infinity Kinetic Stake


The Infinity Kinetic Stake makes your outdoor decor standout in an everlasting display of brilliant design.  This kinetic stake contains vibrant metallic colors in an infinity loop motif with a circular triple spinner for a cohesive, yet captivating creation.  The Infinity Kinetic Stake is sized at 80” tall, so no one will miss this outstanding outdoor design centerpiece.  Collect one or more to decorate your garden in style.


  • (1) Infinity Kinetic Stake, 32” L x 80”H x 10” W

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Bring color, design and excitement to your yard with the Infinity Kinetic Stake.  At 32” Wide and 80” Tall this heavy duty stake really makes a statement.  The Infinity Kinetic Stake has a triple bladed infinity loop design which spins in opposite directions.  Along with the design, this stake’s vibrant color in a striking metallic Gold and Copper creates a stunning mesmerizing effect.  This reliable stake is durable and weather-resistant able to withstand windy conditions.   It is grounded with a 5 pronged fork to create a stable base.  Collect a premier decorative centerpiece for your garden in the Infinity Kinetic Stake.

  • Weather-resistant painted and coated metal
  • Durable casted ball bearings for kinetic design
  • Thick, strong ground poles
  • 5 pronged ground fork

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 10 × 80 in

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