Medium Moose Sitter


Mr. Moosely sits exquisitely on your mantle or hearth for a stunning lodge display in unique detail in our Medium Moose Sitter.  Made of both wood and ceramics this Moose is not for the faint of heart, take care for at his 16.5″ height he makes for a nostalgic presentation.  As in the ornaments of yesterday, his legs are jointed and he sits perfectly aligned for your Holiday enjoyment.  Also available in Large and Small Sizes.


  • (1) Medium Moose Sitter, 5″ w x 16.5″ high

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For Lodge Decor packaged into a Loud Nostalgic Moose Exclamation this Medium Moose Sitter with jointed legs is the best we can provide.  Made of Wood and Ceramic pottery this Moose Sitter is a medium size at 5″wide x 16.5″ high.  This Replicates a carved moose from the historic past and creates quite a stir around the other Hearth Sitters.  Collect our illustrious Moose Sitter for a touch of the wilds in your Lodge Decor this year!  If you collect one lodge, woodsy item this year, do not miss the Medium Moose Sitter! Purchase the other two Moose Sitters in the Moose Collection to make yours a full collection!

Features of this Item:
  • Carved Wood
  • Jointed Legs
  • Horns attach separately
  • Lodge themed decor

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 16.5 in

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