River Runner Stripe Shower Curtain


Paddle a little River Decor into your bath with the River Runner Stripe Shower Curtain. This Light and airy shower curtain in a powder blue and eggshell stripe matches the hues of summertime water.  Also fits in with the Farmhouse style decor in a beachy tone.  Crossed paddles show off their uniqueness across the bottom to give a nod to paddling down the river.  Let rivers flow in Springtime hues with our River Runner Striped Shower Curtain. Limited Quantities, so order soon!


(1) River Runner Stripe Shower Curtain,  72″ x 72″

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Paddle the River Runner Stripe Shower Curtain into your bath decor.  The powder blue and eggshell striped shower curtain adds a little Farmhouse touch alongside the hues of the Water at the edge of the river.  A Crossed River Runner Paddles emblem cascades over the bottom of this shower curtain in a  deep navy blue.    Made of 100% Cotton.  Embellish your bath with our Mountain Bear Shower Curtain for a gleaming design in lodge loveliness!  72″x 72″

Care:  Machine Wash, Cold, Delicate Cycle.  Tumble Dry Low.


  • River Runner motif shower curtain
  • Crossed Paddle Emblems
  • Hues of Water

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 12 × 2 in

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