Wireless Speaker Copper Daisy Flower Stake


Add a new innovative way to hear your special music outdoors on the patio in Garden style with the Wireless Speaker Copper Daisy Flower Stake.   This speaker stands out in a fantastic way with a gold and bright copper highlighted decorative metallic flower.  For an added outdoor decor touch, add it into a nearby pot or garden .  Available in 4 bright metallic colors this stake/speaker provides wireless transmission  up to 30 feet to enhance your outdoor patio experience.   The Stake is sized at 52” tall to provide enough height for you to hear your music above all.  Collect one or more of the Wireless Speaker  Flower Stakes to decorate your garden in style and create some beautiful music for all to hear.


  • (1) Wireless Speaker Blue Flower Stake, 12” L x 52”H x 2” W

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We combine outdoor entertainment and floral decor to give you the Wireless Speaker Copper Daisy Flower Stake.  The center of this large decorative copper daisy houses a waterproof speaker that plays music outdoors from your smart phone, laptop, or any other Bluetooth® enabled device. This speaker from our supplier Regal Art & Gift has a wireless transmission with a 30 ft range and plays for up to 6 hours. The attractive flower is made with handcrafted metal and finished in painted on metallic hues. The speaker is easily removable, rechargeable and includes a USB charger.  Individually packed in a full color box.  It is grounded with a 2 pronged fork to create a base to easily slide into garden soil.  Make music fill your patio with garden delight in the Wireless Speaker Blue Flower Stake.  Available in 4 Colorful Styles.


Care:  Use during summer months.  Waterproof. Features:

  • Weather-resistant painted and coated metal
  • Wireless Speaker compatible with most Bluetooth® devices.
  • 2 pronged ground fork
  • Splendid metallic hued flower to display speaker without hesitation.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 4 in

Regal Art & Gift


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