Amethyst Healing Stone Wind Chime


Take a lesson from the sounds of nature and allow the Amehtyst Healing Stone Wind Chime to compose an ambiance of calm in your outdoor or indoor spaces. ┬áThe inspiring sound of a Balinese five-tone scale complements the natural healing properties of this semi-precious stone. ┬áThe Violet Amethyst is the gem of royalty and has the power to stimulate the mind and emotions.┬á This polished semi-precious stone is of the highest quality and graces the sail and clapper of the 32″ long wind chime. ┬áLet the breeze bring you peace and harmony with each tone of the Amethyst Healing Stone Wind Chime. *Please Allow 2-3 Weeks for Shipping – Ships direct from Manufacturer.


  • Amethyst┬áHealing Stone Wind Chime, 4″ L x 32″ H

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Calm your outdoor space with a harmonious tone and a healing stone in the Amethyst Healing Stone Wind Chime.  A polished and refined statement of this nature will bring peace and blessing to your home and garden.  Each wind chime holds an inspiring sound tuned specifically to harmonize with each of  their coordinating semi-precious stones.   5 Copper tubes initiate the melodious sound, and the Amethyst gemstone is polished and honed to fit beneath the sail and clapper of the chime.  Bring the sweet sounds of soothing tranquility to your home with the Amethyst Healing Stone Wind Chime.

Care:  Wipe Clean with Damp Cloth.


  • Heavy Duty Copper┬áChimes
  • A Balinese Five-Tone Scale represents the sounds of nature
  • Amethyst semi-precious stone soothes the mind and emotions of all anxiety and stress.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 24 in

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