Embossed Bee 10″ Terracotta Pot


Bee ready for Spring Gardening with our Embossed Bee 10″ Terracotta Pot.  Terracotta is the perfect housing for your Springtime seeds and plants (especially succulents).  Those pastel flowers will soon be popping up in “Bee”utiful style amidst this rustic yet classic planter. An embossed black bee is set on top of the outstanding terracotta exterior on our container.  Bee inspired to plant your garden this year!

Please note the pots have watermarks and have been resealed on their side or bottom.  These are “rustic” pots.  Pots on backorder until 06/12/23!


  • (1) Embossed Bee 10″ Terracotta Pot, 10″ Diam X 4″ High

Available on backorder


Embossed Bee 10″ Terracotta Pot

Enjoy your planting season with our Embossed Bee 10″ Terracotta Pot.  Fill with your favorite succulents or popup pansies this year with a rustic stylish pot and a classic bee emblem. Made of Cement (and metal).  Black Concrete Bee embossed on side with scalloped detail ribboning in Terracotta.

  • Rustic Terracotta Pot
  • Bee Emblem in terracotta on side
  • Scalloped detail ribboning


Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 in


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