Lodge Metal Wildlife Decor


Modern, yet Rustic this Lodge Metal Widlife¬†Decor serves as outstanding Lodge Art Pieces for this Holiday Season. ¬†Add some Holiday string lights and this makes a giant¬†“I Love Wildlife” statement. ¬†Could also function as a fantastic display for Christmas Ornaments that are collectibles! ¬†¬†A great outdoor or indoor display, these¬†modern rustic wildlife pieces¬†is can welcome all your guests from your front porch throughout the Winter Season! ¬†The Evergreen bows, and gold pinecones only add to¬†the rustic Lodge nature of this¬†majestic Lodge Metal Wildlife¬†Decor! ¬†Add them all¬†to your collection today!

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Our Lodge Metal Wildlife Decor stand ready anticipating the winter to come!  Adorn these modern Lodge Wildlife Decor Animals with string lights and modern ornaments for true Christmas Art Pieces  or Display next to your hearth for wildly Modern Woodland Vibe. Collect all three, the Bear, Moose, and Deer for a stunning outdoor scene on your Porch! The Lodge Metal Wildlife Decor are all handmade of distressed, painted metal.


  • (1)¬†Lodge Metal Bear Decor ,¬†¬†Size: 30.25″ wide x 7.50″ deep¬†¬†x 18.50″ high or
  • (1) Lodge Metal¬†Moose Decor,¬†¬†Size: 21.25″ wide x 7.75″ deep¬†¬†x 26.75″ high or
  • (1) Lodge Metal Reindeer¬†Decor,¬†¬†Size: 21.00″ wide x 7.50″ deep¬†¬†x 29.00″ high

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 31 × 20 in