Moose Be Plaid Comforter Collection


Follow the Majestic Moose into his wooded realm with our Moose Be Plaid Comforter Collection. The Crimson Red highlights the Woodland Brown and Gold plaid around the sides of each comforter for a cozy country feel.  Make our merry Moose Be Plaid Collection part of your bedroom for that year round for that Moose Be Homey Atmosphere. Collect the other decor items from our Moose Be Plaid collection for a complete set.

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Follow your carefree spirit northward, where large, brown moose freely roam the forests and wetlands and indulge yourself in our Moose Be Plaid Comforter Collection. Our Moose Be Plaid Comforter Sets have a wonderful dichotomy of warm colors and textures against the moose’s chilly habitat. The comforter is solid brown suede, embellished with moose, canoe, and oar designs. A strong, plaid pattern of woodland brown, leaf gold, and crimson red harmoniously blend the brown top with the red bed skirt.  For rustic elegance, look no further than Moose Plaid—where wildlife meets nightlife! Our Moose Plaid bedding is made from several very soft, finely woven micro-fiber suede fabrics.  The shams and bed skirt are decorated with a traditional faux antler button and loop closure design.  The neckroll repeats the canoe applique from the comforter with bullion fringe around the ends.

Care:  Dry clean only.


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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 in


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